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Our goal
We want to help alleviate the most immediate felt needs of the survivors of Hurricane Maria.
The Challenge

Many in Puerto Rico are still in desperate need of help after the Hurricane Maria.

The situation in Puerto Rico is compounded by fatigue of responding agencies and the government. This is complicated even further by damage to infrastructure- the recovery of which is impacted by the fact that it is an island. Assessments on the ground have confirmed that large segments of the population have little access to clean drinking water, and even less to electricity. These two issues alone constitute the greatest source of stress for most people and have serious health consequence.

Our Solution

Our initiative will help alleviate the immediate felt needs of survivors.

Hope Packages and Roof Repair Kits will be delivered to affected households. These are designed to provide for essential needs such as clean drinking water, the ability to charge cell phones, provide light, and a fan (which will provide a reprieve from the heat, especially for the elderly), and personal hygene kits. The Repair Kits will help restore the integrity of compromised roofs, thus preventing further water damage to homes and belongings.

The Hope Packages will include small solar rechargeable lights (that can also charge mobile phones), a solar fan, a small water purification kit, and hygiene kits. The Roof Repair Kit will include corrugated roofing sheets, 2x4s, plywood, nails and screws, and hand tools.

Your Impact

A small donation can go a long way to help alleviate suffering and stress.

$100 will deliver 1 Hope Package, and $750 will deliver a Roof Repair Kit.

$3,000 Minimum Funding Goal
  • 50%-To deliver 2 Roof Repair Kits

  • 50%-To deliver 15 Hope Packages

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