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Help High Risk Persons Mitigate COVID-19



Our goal
Provide hygiene necessities to the most at-risk populations of COVID-19: Elderly living in poverty
The Challenge

COVID-19 Has Caused a Global Pandemic

The World Health Organization has declared a global pandemic caused by the coronavirus (COVID19). This project provides basic hygiene needs in sufficient quantities to enable the most vulnerable populations - poverty-stricken elderly and medically fragile - to self isolate to minimize risk of contracting this deadly virus.

Our Solution

Provision of hygiene necessities empowers people to survive

Provision of basic hygiene necessities to high risk populations will enable them to "stock up and stay home". By having an ample supply of basic hygiene necessities, elderly persons living in poverty can self-isolate. This decreases the risk of contracting COVID-19- which is most lethal among the elderly.

Your Impact

By donating as little as $10, you will help vulnerable elderly survive and thrive.

We know alleviating the financial burden of basic hygiene supplies creates room for people to afford more basic needs. Providing hygiene items therefore becomes an essential tool in empowering people to live clean, healthy and active lives and make a big difference toward the movement to end poverty.

$10,000 Minimum Funding Goal
  • 98%-Basic hygiene necessities

  • 2%-Required Stripe Fees

$240,000 Campaign Booster Funding

This displays the maximum incremental additional funding the campaign could receive (Maximum Funding Amount (MFA) less Minimum Funding Goal)). For example, if the MFA is $100,000 and the MFG $10,000, it would show the difference of $90,000 here.

  • 98%-Basic Hygiene Necessities

  • 2%-Mandatory Stripe Fees

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