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Help Lithuania Babies Survive & Thrive



Our goal
Provide Lithuanian babies with the basic need of diapers
The Challenge

Lithuanian caregivers struggle to afford diapers

When we think of about basic needs and poverty alleviation, we tend to think of food, clothing, shelter, & water. Diapers are an overlooked, yet much needed, item. Living in poverty forces caregivers to make devastatingly difficult decisions between basic necessities. All babies deserve to be clean, dry and healthy.

Our Solution

Provision of diapers will increase sanitation and hygiene for children

Supplying diapers can solve diaper need and empower families to self-sufficiency. With enough diapers to keep children clean, dry, healthy families can participate in everyday life. This means ending the choice between food, diapers, medication, rent or utilities. With diapers, a child can go to childcare, and a caregiver can go to work.

Your Impact

By donating as little as $10, you will help children survive and thrive.

When families are struggling to afford everyday essentials, diapers are a tool to empower families out of poverty. With diapers, families can participate in daily activities, and special events too (like birthday parties!). With diaper need solved, families can focus on educational programs, caregiver access to employment, improved quality of food (more protein!) - all steps that set these babies up for long term survival and productive members of society.

$5,000 Minimum Funding Goal
  • 98%-Cloth diapers

  • 2%-Stripe fees

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Our milestones
  • Kayla

  • Emily

  • Julie

  • Lisa

  • Hillary

  • Lindsey

  • Stephanie

  • Cassidy


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