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Help Mothers in India by Funding Gov’t Hospital Humidifiers



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Our goal
We want to help a hospital in India by providing equipment essential for breathing support of babies
The Challenge

The hospital lacks humidifiers that are needed for babies to breathe properly.

Babies under the age of five are unable to use adult ventilators that do not have humidifiers. The government hospital has ventilators, but no humidifiers, hence newborn and young babies are dying with serious complications. Kids born premature or admitted with lung infections, pneumonia, etc. cannot survive without a humidifier support. Low income parents cannot afford care in private hospitals hence have no hope for their children.

Our Solution

Humidifiers can be purchased to help the government hospital.

If humidifiers are purchased for the government hospital, then the hospital will be able to provide breathing support for babies. Babies under 5 with respiratory issues will have a means to breathe properly with the humidifier present in the hospital. This is a busy hospital where up to 80 babies per year can use this equipment and their lives can be saved.

Your Impact

Donating to our cause will help to provide peace of mind to mothers in India.

Your donation will allow the government hospital to purchase humidifiers and provide breathing support to babies in need. You can help provide relief to mothers in India as their babies will be safe from respiratory issues. This is how Ekam helps to reduce child mortality successfully. This is our path to providing cost-effective care, where every dollar can be stretched to provide maximum effect in health care.

$3,000 Minimum Funding Goal
  • 83%-Purchasing Humidifiers

  • 17%-Installing Humidifiers

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