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Our goal
We will create 10 more parent workshops which will serve 200 additional families in need.
The Challenge

Most teens today lack coping skills and resilience to combat the stresses of their daily lives.

Nearly all adolescents today state feelings of overwhelming stress and anxiety in regard to modern expectations and social pressure. This rise in anxiety reflects cultural shifts such as constant access to digital devices, over-scheduled activities, unrealistic expectations and overly competitive academics. A general lack of healthy coping skills and resilience co-exists as parents are more apt today to solve their child's problems than to teach them how to solve their own problems.    

Our Solution

Family communications workshops will reduce stress and increase healthy emotional development

Research shows clear and consistent messages from parents to be one of the most important factors influencing a teenager's behavioral decisions including alcohol or drug use. Direct and honest discussion benefits all family members and creates a setting of trust where all voices can be respectfully heard. This unique program has been carefully designed to assist parents in raising resilient youth.

The curriculum of this award-winning program (called Creating Lasting Family Connections) includes strengthening parent-child communication skills and family bonding, defining family responsibilities and setting effective expectations and consequences on important issues.

Children today face seemingly ever-present pressures to become involved in a variety of unhealthy activities in their lives. Studies indicate that healthy emotional development is most likely to result when a child: is allowed to safely express their emotions, lives in an environment of honesty and trust, has parents who model healthy behavior, experiences love, acceptance, understanding and affection.  

Your Impact

$100 will fund the cost of a parent in need of support and guidance

 We assist parents in improving their ability to communicate feelings. This enhances their competence, connectedness and strengthens family bonds. We help parents create a trusting, respectful, comfortable setting for their children to share their feelings about important matters. We focus on listening strategies as well as most effective methods of presenting feedback to their children. Parents will create effective expectations and consequences to positively influence their children's behavior

$20,000 Minimum Funding Goal
  • 80%-Instructor fee: 2 per workshop

  • 9%-Administrative

  • 8%-Materials

  • 3%-Room rental

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