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Help Provide Health Services To Uninsured Children in Texas



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Our goal
Provide health services and care for uninsured and under insured infants and kids
The Challenge

Large number of uninsured kids

Texas has the highest number of uninsured kids in America. A study form 2018 (done by Georgetown University) found that more than one in five uninsured children in the U.S. live in Texas — about 835,000 as of 2017.

Another area of concern for uninsured patients who do visit hospitals or free clinics for diagnosis is an inability to pay for prescription medicines or lab tests and services from their prescribed medical care.

Our Solution

Private Contributions can help provide access to treatment for underprivleged

While programs like Medicaid and CHIP help cover some of the health treatment costs for low income families, there are still large gaps. Donations from private individuals can make a difference. The funds raised will be used to help treatment costs for uninsured kids.

Ekam Foundation’s mission is that no child should be denied healthcare and no family has to feel the pain of having to choose between paying for critical health needs of infants vs buying food /shelter/other basic needs. Ekam's goal is to reduce infant, adolescent, and maternal deaths by supplementing the services of public healthcare systems and aid programs.

EkamUSA will work thru local clinics and voluntary organizations to identify and help families and children in need of financial assistance to get medical treatments.

Your Impact

A $25 donation can help a child with asthma breathe!

Your donation will help families in need get treatment for sick infants and kids. Breathing equipment for a child with asthma costs $25 and an office visit about $50.

$1,000 Minimum Funding Goal
  • 25%-Medicines

  • 25%-Counselling for at Risk Kids

  • 25%-Breathing Machines

  • 25%-Office Visits

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Our milestones
  • Mandy

  • Hasmukh

  • Jay

  • Srini

  • Tim

  • Allison

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