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Our goal
At-risk youth need equal access to proven comprehensive sexual health information.
The Challenge

Youth in at-risk communities lack access to life changing health information.

Youth who need heath education the most, tend to live where school and community budgets are also the most constrained. When young people are taught by HiTOPS’ trained educators, countless life changing “ah-ha” moments are made, representing lasting impact. Just one of these moments can save a youth from a cycle of violence and abuse when they learn about how quietly abuse can take root, and then develop personal strategies to find safety.

Historically, the Teen birth rate for the "Never Poor" is 4%, while that of the "Ever Poor" is 22% (Urban Institute Child Poverty and Adult Success, 2015, Ratcliff). A similar picture is also seen with higher incidence of sexual assault, intimate partner violence, STI's and HIV/AIDS. Economically disadvantaged communities are challenged to teach youth how to make positive choices and decisions about their health and relationships. HiTOPS education can make a difference.

Our Solution

HiTOPS classes will improve lives of teens living in at-risk communities.

To improves the lives of teens living in at-risk communities, we will engage youth in topics such as puberty, cyber-bullying, postponing sexual involvement, HIV/STI prevention, appreciating differences (LGBTQ focus), Sexual Assault Intimate Partner/Dating Violence.

Your Impact

By donating just $50, you can provide an entire year of content for one student

Class size averages about 25 students, and with a gift of just $300, all of them will participate in experiential learning about topics such as sex, sexuality, relationship, healthy decision making, postponing sexual involvement, avoiding dating violence and sexual abuse, and preventing HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. You can help a young person learn how to make positive choices that will empower them and increase the likelihood they become healthy adults.

Pledge spending
  • 67% -

    Teaches 150 youth in Trenton

  • 33% -

    Teaches 100 more in region

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Our milestones
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