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Our goal
Provide essential infrastructure to the Sick Newborn Care Unit , Veppamarathupatty Village,Salem
The Challenge

Lack of adequate healthcare resources in primary health centres in Villages/Districts in India

Many Primary Health Centres and Sick Newborn Care units in villages in India are not funded adequately. This results in a lack of both manpower, infrastructure and basic medical equipment. We can help improve care by using a very simple yet cost-effective strategy. This is by ensuring the facilities have adequate resources and essential medical equipment needed for newborn care.

The SNCU and primary health center associated with the Veppamarathupatty Village is not located in the village. It is 3km away and caters to other nearby villages too making it not exclusive to the village. This leads to a lack of basic resources like safe water and essential medical equipment like weighing scales and infusion pumps to care for babies as the demand is more than supply.

Urgent needs have to be addressed to ensure health standards. One is the need for more weighing scales to weigh babies both healthy and sick. The second is more related to caring for sick babies who have medical problems that need treatment with an infusion of fluids, feeds, and medicine to survive. This mandates the need for an infusion syringe pump. Last but not least is the need for safe water supply which is important for hygiene and sanitation by installing the RO water purifier.

Our Solution

We aim to address the challenge, by providing basic equipment essential for health and hygiene.

There are established standards of care and a list of essential infrastructure needed in a health center. It is sometimes unfortunate that the center has to cater to many surrounding village needs. Simple equipment taken for granted as available may not be enough to meet the demands.

2 such essential medical equipment which is crucial for caring for babies is INFANT WEIGHING SCALE and INFUSION SYRINGE PUMP. Babies' weight has to be monitored regularly by using a standardized digital weighing scale to ensure they are healthy and growing well. The syringe infusion pump is necessary to care for sick babies too weak to feed and needs fluids and medicine. If these equipments are made available, the problem can be solved easily by training the staff.

Hygiene and sanitation is a very important aspect of any health facility. Foremost is the requirement of a safe and adequate supply of clean water. By installing a Reverse Osmosis(RO) purifier we can help solve this challenge.

Your Impact

SIMPLE ACT of providing the weighing scale ,infusion pump and clean water, we can help SAVE BABIES.

Donating to this cause will be very beneficial in saving babies' lives and improving health care. The steps are very simple and cost-effective. Sometimes things we take for granted and not the same for all walks of life. If we can collectively help save babies by raising funds to provide just a little more - by providing 2 more weighing scales,1 infusion pump and an RO water purifier to the Village health center.... why not??? Well as the saying goes SMALL DROPS OF WATER MAKE AN OCEAN !!!

$3,500 Minimum Funding Goal
  • 48%-Ekam Corpus Fund

  • 20%-RO water purifier

  • 14%- 1 Syringe Pump

  • 6%-Training Staff

  • 6%-Installation and Maintenance

  • 6%-2 Weighing scales

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