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Help U.S. Families Stock Up for COVID-19 with Cloth Diapers



Our goal
To supply Cloth Diaper kits to the National Diaper Bank Network partners around the United States.
The Challenge

Help U.S. Families Stock Up for COVID-19 with Cloth Diapering Kits

Many families struggling with poverty already face extreme challenges in aiming to survive and thrive. The threat of COVID-19 adds additional difficulties to an already full plate. The National Diaper Bank Network needs our help to distribute cloth kits to diaper banks across the U.S. It is essential that we continue to meet these partners' needs and supply cloth diaper kits and other reusable hygiene essentials to help them through this time of crisis.

Our Solution

How Cloth Will Help us Through the Pandemic

Parents strolling the baby aisle across the U.S. are running into limited options and even empty shelves as the world continues its fight against COVID-19.

Families who can afford the extra investment have turned to cloth diapering. On the other hand, families who live paycheck to paycheck can’t even consider this investment nor did they have the ability to stock up in the first place. We’re able to combat this with our Individual Aid program and diaper banks around the country.

Your Impact

By donating just $13 to our cause, you can supply a single cloth diaper to a family in need.

Your donation will provide cloth diapers and other reusable hygiene essentials to families in need because of reasons related to COVID-19.

$25,000 Minimum Funding Goal
  • 97%-Cloth Diaper Kits

  • 3%-Stripe fees

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