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How can a motorcycle battery and salt stop a deadly disease?



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Our goal
To empower communities to respond to deadly cholera outbreaks and guarantee access to safe water.
The Challenge

Chlorine is critical for disinfection and water treatment, but access and affordability are barriers

On October 6, 2017, a cholera outbreak was declared in Zambia. As of April 2018, the Ministry of Health reported 5,421 confirmed cases and 109 deaths. Response included delivery of two rounds of oral cholera vaccine, temporary water tanks and stands, water delivery via tanker truck, surveillance, awareness building, and case detection. Despite these efforts, gaps and challenges became apparent: difficulty sourcing and maintaining chlorine supplies and the costly nature of treated water delivery.

Our Solution

The Mountain Safety Research (MSR) SE200™ Community Chlorine Maker

PATH and MSR have developed a device that uses a 12-volt battery to convert a handful of salt and a small amount of water into enough chlorine to treat up to 55 gallons of water. The MSR SE200™ is inexpensive, portable, and produces chlorine onsite and on demand, addressing sourcing and transportation challenges.

During the recent cholera outbreak, Zambian Ministry of Health officials immediately recognized the value and potential impact of the MSR SE200™. They are eager to deploy the device to key health facilities and water sites throughout the country. PATH has worked alongside Zambia’s Ministry of Health since 2005 to solve some of the country’s most pressing health challenges and is a trusted partner.

Your Impact

Adoption of the MSR SE200 can prevent and shorten outbreaks, saving lives and valuable resources.

This cholera outbreak in Zambia had 5,421 confirmed cases and killed over 100 people, but thousands of others were negatively affected even though they weren't sick. The rapid and thorough response by the Ministry of Health came at a large economic and logistical cost. The MSR SE200 is a cost-effective and holistic tool that takes into consideration the realities of chlorine supply chain without compromising quality. Effective roll-out of this device can save lives and valuable resources.

$20,020 Minimum Funding Goal
  • 33%-50 devices (including tax)

  • 25%-Cascade training program

  • 15%-Shipping to Zambia (est.)

  • 15%-Device evaluation, technical

  • 10%-Analysis and reporting

  • 2%-Stripe transaction fees

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