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Our goal
Ensure newborns and mothers from underprivileged families get life saving and critical treatments
The Challenge

Many healthcare facilities lack equipment and trained nurses to provide critical life saving care

Hospitals with functioning NICUs that can provide vital urgent perinatal care to babies born early and mothers that require critical treatment are few and often only in big cities in India. There is often a lack of equipment in existing facilities and availability of trained nurses to provide critical life saving care.

Our Solution

Equip more Healthcare facilities with Critical Care Equipment

Healthcare facilities will be equipped/upgraded with state of art equipment. The needs include patient monitors, IV pumps, syringe pumps, ultrasound machines that can be used for the perinatal screening of the heart and brain of neonates. In addition to the lifesaving donation of medical equipment, specialized training will be organized and provided to health care workers who will be using the equipment.

Your Impact

Every life matters! You can make a difference by saving newborns in need!

Your donation will help buy vital life saving equipment for healthcare facilities and in providing training to nurses and operators of the machines. The availability of right equipment and trained nurses will help reduce infant mortality rates. Ekam's mission statement is that "No child should be denied healthcare due to finances".

$2,000 Minimum Funding Goal
  • 75%-Buy Equipment

  • 15%-Conduct Trainings

  • 10%-Maintenance

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