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Improve Community Health in India- Salavakkam Panchayat, TN



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Our goal
We want to raise money to provide the community with public toilets and water sources.
The Challenge

Many people in Salavakkam Panchayat lack proper hygiene and clean drinking water.

75% of the households have a toilet, but none of them are connected to a sewage system. 25% don't have proper toilets. Piped drinking water is available to around 75% of the residents, but the hygienic condition of the water is not satisfactory, leading to illness.

Our Solution

Providing public toilets and repairing and cleaning water wells.

To give public toilets to the community to improve hygiene and clean/repair water wells, create borewells, and provide water tanks to improve the water quality in the area.

Ekam works to provide medical care for children and mothers in need and also does grassroots work to empower communities, by improving the health and hygiene through projects like this one. Health and sanitary education through awareness camps prevents a lot of diseases and reduces health care costs. Ekam provides ready access to healthcare in rural areas, through training of volunteers and mentoring of nurses. Ekam also provides equipment maintenance in public hospitals.

Your Impact

Every dollar donated will help improve the quality of life for an entire village.

Your donation will help improve the quality of water and overall hygiene of an entire village that is lacking essential requirements for a healthy life.

Pledge spending
  • 45% -

    To improve water quality

  • 45% -

    To provide public bathrooms

  • 9% -

    Contractor fees

  • 1% -

    Stripe fees

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Our milestones
  • Sathvik

  • Neelima

  • Ritu

  • Usha

  • Haritha

  • Suguna

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