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Our goal
Reduction in child mortality, Build strong and healthy communities
The Challenge

Some villages in India are plagued by multiple problems in health care

A majority of maternal, newborn & child deaths can be attributed to delays (in accessing care, in reaching the appropriate health facility & in receiving quality care). The unavailability of basic health services for newborns/infants/mothers, the poor quality of care provided in the health facility potentially contribute to maternal and child deaths. Many socio-economic issues further add to the problem. These include inadequate resources, poor access, lack of awareness, gender bias, etc.

Our Solution

Identify disease early, support children, create awareness of mothers to prevent disease

Ekam recognizes that health, hygiene, nutrition, education and social development of children are all connected. Targeting efforts for them at all stages of the growth of infant, child and adolescent and on a range of traditional program fronts will see that inroads are made to ensure children not only survive, but live in a thriving environment too. The program will therefore involve many multi-pronged approaches with a view of improving the status of infant health in target area

Your Impact

Improved healthcare and reduction of child/ maternal mortality

Improved health status, hygiene, nutritional awareness among people in the village. Early identification of disease/disability. Timely referral and treatment support to children. Improved medical care in hospitals. Increased knowledge of adolescents/ young mothers on reproductive health care. Improved Increased community participation in health governance, reduction in maternal/ child mortality and domestic violence against women

$3,000 Minimum Funding Goal
  • 40%-Conducting camps and trainings

  • 23%-Follow

  • 20%-Materials and supplies

  • 17%-Local staff coordination/ pay

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Our milestones
  • Animita

  • Usha

  • Aparajita

  • Sanjay

  • Shilpa

  • Gopala

  • Sirisha

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