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Improve mental health in Central Jersey with social clubs.



Our goal
We want to fund two social groups to help those in Central Jersey struggling with mental illness.
The Challenge

Making friends is a major challenge for those suffering from mental illness.

Numerous studies have detailed how mental illnesses lead an individual to draw back from community and friends. This isolation often exacerbates the symptoms of mental illness. Unfortunately, practical reasons like money and transportation are often in the way of making lasting friends and participating in a group. If a person doesn't break the cycle of loneliness, studies point to an increased risk for a significantly shorter lifespan.

Our Solution

Regular meetings with friends and members of a community can improve mental health.

In interviews and observations, researchers have found that even one friend can improve a person's mental health. When allowed to connect with others, health outcomes improve for people with mental health issues and people without. Our groups meet regularly and allow members to become close to those they relate to best. Our stated mission is to allow our members to make friends and feel better.

Your Impact

By helping to fund our program, you encouraging friendships to be formed and people to be healthier.

Your donation will directly fund the meetings, supplies, and food for our social clubs. Our members cannot afford to pay fees for our programs, and as a non-profit, our resources are limited as well. Each meeting costs between $50 and $100 to hold. We are asking for your assistance in keeping our groups going! Those struggling with their mental health in Central Jersey need you!

$3,000 Minimum Funding Goal
  • 40%-Casual Outing food budget

  • 25%-Young Adult outing expenses

  • 25%-Young Adult food budget

  • 10%-Casual Outing arts and crafts

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