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Improve mental health with social groups in Middlesex County



Our goal
Providing regularly scheduled social groups for making friends and improving mental health.
The Challenge

Many of NJ's adults struggle with mental health and loneliness.

Typically for New Jersey residents, access to mental health services is challenging after graduating high school and becoming an adult. At the same time, our young peoples' social circles are broken, friends are lost, and loneliness sets in. For others, isolation sets in later in life. We at NAMI Middlesex have spent the last 30 years assisting families and serving those with social and emotional needs. Our regular gatherings build friendships, lasting growth, and improve lives of our members.

Our Solution

Social interaction improves mental health outcomes.

The National Institute of Health has studied how social interaction increases well-being and a sense of connection. For people with depressive symptoms, a 2010 study by the NIH showed that positive social interactions had strong connections to a sense of belonging and positive health outcomes. We allow our members a sense of belonging with the Young Adult Social Club and Casual Outing. Our groups provide positive experiences and opportunities to make lasting connections with peers.

Your Impact

By donating just $10, you can help our program improve lives.

Our families are often struggling with medical bills, access to care, and underemployment. Our YASC members are asked to contribute $5 per visit to help with costs, but often cannot afford even that. We are hoping that we can provide our recreational activities free of charge. Our Casual Outing group operates on a very limited budget and relies on personal donations from board members. We hope to improve access and services as we support each other, fight stigma, and make friends.

$5,120 Minimum Funding Goal
  • 47%-2 x monthly lunch for YASC

  • 27%-Monthly dinner w Casual Outing

  • 16%-Tickets for YASC outings

  • 4%-Stipend for CO assistant

  • 4%-Crafts for Casual Outing

  • 2%-Processing fees

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Our milestones

  • Irena

  • Catherine

  • Sam

  • Nancy

  • Kathy

  • Karen

  • Jonathan


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