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Improve sanitation and school infrastructure in India



Our goal
Improve school infrastructure to promote the health and education of underprivileged children.
The Challenge

Many rural schools in India lack clean drinking water and need significant infrastructure repairs.

Students at the Kallanthiri Middle School and Therkku Theru Higher Secondary School in Tamil Nadu, India face significant health and education challenges including the lack of functional toilets, deteriorating classrooms, and access to clean drinking water. The absence of these basic needs puts children’s health and development at risk.

Our Solution

Fund basic infrastructure repairs and improve access to clean drinking water at these schools.

This Caring Crowd project aims to address the infrastructure challenges at two schools in Madurai. At the Kallanthiri School, funds will be used to repair toilets for girls and damaged walls and flooring in classrooms. At the Therkku Theru School, funds will be used to repair toilets for girls and improve access to clean drinking water. These infrastructure repairs will improve sanitation, reduce health risks, and promote the education of underprivileged children in these villages.

Your Impact

Donations will be used by Ekam to directly fund infrastructure improvements at these two schools.

Your donation will promote basic sanitation, access to clean drink water, and classroom repairs in rural villages of India. Access to functional toilets and the availability of clean drinking water are fundamental to promoting a healthy community. Funds will be used to repair existing toilets for girls and install a dispensing tank for drinking water. Funds will also be used to repair flooring and walls in classrooms to ensure a functional and safe environment for children’s education.

$4,000 Minimum Funding Goal
  • 45%-Repairs to toilets for girls

  • 32%-Ekam Corpus Fund

  • 18%-School floor & wall repairs

  • 5%-Access to clean drinking water

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