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Improve sanitation in Salukkai Village, TAMIL NADU, INDIA



Our goal
To improve Sanitation and Hygeine in Salukkai Village
The Challenge

Rural communites need proper sanitation

Salukkai with population of 957 where 80% of the community practices open defecation which unfortunately promotes disease spread. It is difficult just to educate for change in the practices but by providing the proper avenue would create an impact on the methods.

Our Solution

Building public toilets will improve sanitation in the community

Sanitation by definition means provision of facilities and services for the safe disposal of human feces and urine. By providing basic toilet facilites in the village it would reduce transmission of communicable diseases. Also we would educate the community to improve hygiene. Anganwadi center where children spend more than half the day lack a basic lavatory.

Your Impact

Decrease in reduction of transmittable diseases

Provision of public toilets will vastly reduce preventable diseases which are spread by open defecation. It will also improve safety of the people by reducing snake bites which are major hazards in rural india in the open feilds.

$4,000 Minimum Funding Goal
  • 50%-Cost of toilets

  • 37%-Construction and labor

  • 13%- campaign and education

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