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Our goal
Improve health and learning environment of middle schoolers in Kallanthiri, TN
The Challenge

Kallanthiri middle school lacks adequate resources needed for children's health and education.

Many villages in India do not have funds to buy basic necessities required for providing a healthy and interactive environment to middle school children.  Schools often lack resources to keep children cool and hydrated during scorching hot school days.  There is minimal focus on health education due to lack of trained staff and health related resources. 

Our Solution

Raise funds to provide additional resources to Kallanthiri middle school.

Funds will be raised to purchase working fans, a water tank and a LED TV for the middle school through private and public networking. The fans and the water tank will minimize heat related health issues such as dehydration and heat exhaustion by keeping the children cool and hydrated.  This would also help the kids focus on learning. The LED TV will be used for interactive health education through the use of videos, audio recordings and image streams. 

Your Impact

You can impact the lives of middle schoolers in Kallanthiri simply by donating today .

Your donation will go towards the purchase of simple but essential items that will enrich the lives of middle schoolers in Kallanthiri so they are able to learn and reach their full potential.  

$4,020 Minimum Funding Goal
  • 62%-Ekam Corpus Fund

  • 19%-Match for long term EKAM goals

  • 11%-To be used to buy a LED TV

  • 4%-To be used for buying 5 fans

  • 4%-To buy a water tank

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Our milestones
  • Suhaas Reddy

  • Vijayapal

  • Kalpana

  • Amit

  • Srinivas

  • Lakshmi

  • Sumi

  • Ajay


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