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Improve Women’s Access to PRE-NATAL Care during COVID-19



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Our goal
Improve and Maintain pregnant women’s access to PRE-NATAL care through COVID-19
The Challenge

Keeping PRE-NATAL programs accessible during COVID-19 pandemic

With the spread of COVID-19, nonprofit organizations are working overtime to mitigate the effects on vulnerable populations. Here at EkamUSA, we’re committed to addressing those concerns, particularly for rural Indian women caught in the storm.

Our Solution

Maintain an adequate supply of resources as well as additional helplines for women to receive care

It’s incredibly difficult to proceed through pregnancy without all of the requisite resources, but those deficiencies also result in certain sicknesses and health failures that make mothers very high risk for COVID-19. In order to protect the health of mothers and their babies, we need to be taking steps to prevent compromise of immunity and take extra precautions to prevent exposure.

Women who are at risk of being immunocompromised because of other medical conditions like diabetes, or lack of folic acid can present a massive health risk to the facilities they are treated in, themselves, as well as the babies they will birth. Providing assistance for vital pre-natal care such as dietary supplements, vitamin B, and pre-natal appointments are extremely important during the pregnancy period.

Ekam is provides all round support to women’s health during this crisis, getting prenatal care to the low income and uninsured. We need assistance in acquiring the resources to continue delivering quality gynecological and prenatal care due to the increased risk patients are experiencing. Education and awareness about these issues is essential to a healthy pregnancy and delivery

Your Impact

Donating even $20 Can Help a Mother in Need

Your donation will help women receive access to prenatal care during their pregnancies. Ekam partners with hospitals, clinics, NGOs and other institutions in India that provide assistance for women, including the Abhayam team, Caritas India, and MERF ENT.

$2,000 Minimum Funding Goal
  • 38%-Nutritional supplements

  • 20%-Food

  • 20%-Education Cost

  • 10%-Protective Equipment

  • 10%-Training Staff

  • 2%-Stripe fees

$2,000 Campaign Booster Funding

This displays the maximum incremental additional funding the campaign could receive (Maximum Funding Amount (MFA) less Minimum Funding Goal)). For example, if the MFA is $100,000 and the MFG $10,000, it would show the difference of $90,000 here.

  • 50%-More mothers helped

  • 50%-More training/ supplements

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Our milestones
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