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Our goal
We want to fund new gardens in India for kids to learn the value of nutrition to stay healthy.
The Challenge

Many villagers in India cannot buy or do not know how to grow nutritious food, damaging their health

Many villagers in India are not aware of nutritional food or cannot afford to buy it. This leads to malnutrition, which increases the risk of diseases such as pneumonia and tuberculosis. Lower energy leads to less money, which in turn leads to even less money to buy nutritional food, leading to even less energy, and the cycle repeats. Awareness about nutrition needs to be spread so that villagers can break out of this vicious cycle.

Our Solution

Ekam will teach villagers how to start and maintain their own gardens.

Ekam will go out to different villages in all districts of Tamil Nadu, a south Indian state, in order to spread awareness about nutritional food to villagers, provide them with the supplies needed to start and maintain a garden, and teach them how to maintain their own garden in the future. This will lead to further awareness for the villagers' posterity and make the villagers not have to worry as much regarding malnutrition.

Your Impact

You can help save lives in India by simply donating today

Your donation will go towards saving villagers from suffering unknowingly and help them become more self-sufficient. This will help them feel self-sufficient and help them understand they have more of a role in supporting themselves. Starting a garden is a relatively inexpensive task, so your donation may help more than one village be put on the path towards less malnutrition.

$2,000 Minimum Funding Goal
  • 35%-Training camps

  • 30%-Gardening equipment

  • 30%-Seeds for garden

  • 5%-Transportation of materials

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Our milestones
  • Himaja

  • John

  • Padmini

  • Sindhu

  • Rajesh

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