Ivory Coast Mothers and Children

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The mission of Ivory Coast Mothers and Children (ICMC) is to grow generations in Broffoueby, Ivory Coast and the surrounding community by financing key programs that advance the health of women and children as well as promote disease prevention and treatment for the community at large. In 2009, and in partnership with the village of Broffoueby, ICMC funded the creation of a maternal health clinic and onsite dispensary called The Patricia Nau Clinic.  Together with the clinic's local healthcare team of six doctors and nurses, as well as oversight by a village management committee, ICMC's capacity building support is helping the Patrica Nau Clinic become the region's premier community health clinic.

In 2015 The Patricia Nau Clinic delivered 80 babies and provided medical consultations for 1,776 people and medicine to over 100 patients through its onsite dispensary. ICMC also supported successful community outreach activities, including the “100 orphans project”, which provided medical exams, vaccination cards and school supplies for 100 orphans, as well as secondary and primary school tuition sponsorship for 35 children. ICMC also funded a women’s vegetable garden at the clinic and a soap-making project to encourage and improve proper hand washing for disease prevention.