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Keep police safe so they can keep us safe during COVID-19.



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Our goal
To raise money to provide hand sanitizers and masks for policemen to wear at work
The Challenge

The police need protective gear to stay healthy so they can provide protection to their citizens.

Even in this global pandemic, the police have to protect us with or without their protective gear. This fundraiser will raise money for visors and hand sanitizers for them. A police officer recently told the New York Post, “We have been fighting to get more safety equipment, but unfortunately for the time being this is what we have to make the best of…” 

Our Solution

Hand Sanitizers and Visors will help keep policemen safe and ready for duty!

The hand sanitizer will allow for clean hands as the police cannot wash their hands every 20 minutes, as recommended. The Visor will keep the aerosolized infectious material out of their faces and protect them from contracting the disease.

Your Impact

Every donation will help protect those who protect us.

Hand sanitizers decrease the germs by 99.9% and hence provide good protection. Overall, we will help prevent sick policemen which will maintain citizen's safety. We are giving back to those who give us on a daily basis.

$1,500 Minimum Funding Goal
  • 40%-Costs of hand sanitizers.

  • 40%-Costs of visors.

  • 20%-Buy bottles for sanitizers.

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