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Our goal
Give customized 3D-printed prosthetics to 20 children with upper limb deficits and set the stage for an extended program
The Challenge



Disability is an important public health problem in India, where according to the 2011 census, 2.6 million people live with disability. Most of the disabled live in rural areas where rehabilitation services and devices are often unavailable or prohibitively expensive. In urban areas, similar challenges often prevail.  Upper limb abnormalities can result from birth defects and from injury.  A conventional medical prosthetic arm can cost tens of thousands of dollars, and for growing children, they will soon outgrow.   

We can and must improve healthcare for disabled persons in low and middle-income countries. With 3-D printing technology, we have a potential solution for upper limb prosthetics, and eventually for other assistive devices.

Solution: Aarogyaseva's volunteers can adapt and customize various mechanical and electronic prosthetics including e-NABLE's  lightweight, upper limb devices. Our plan is to begin meeting their needs by connecting Aarogyaseva's new Center in Bangalore with the e-NABLE community worldwide.  Center staff will coordinate the fabrication (on-site, and remotely by e-NABLE volunteers) of 3D-printed hands and arms, and will bring together devices, medical volunteers, and regional recipients to evaluate a new approach that can potentially meet the needs of thousands.

Long-Term Impact: This pilot program will be an important step toward turning the Center in Bangalore into a training and development hub for the design, fabrication, and delivery of culturally appropriate 3D-printed assistive technologies.  It will also create opportunities for student entrepreneurs to innovate further and help build a global community of makers, tinkerers, artists, designers, humanitarians, teachers, parents, children, engineers, occupational therapists, medical professionals, philanthropists, inventors and everyday people who can using the 3D printers and design skills to create new solutions for those who need them.  If our model can be shown to work and to scale, it can be extended well beyond India and well-beyond prosthetics.

How these Funds will be used

●        Identifying, mobilizing, measuring, printing, fitting, follow-up and rehabilitation will cost

○       $500 Fabricate 10 gripper thumb hands @ $50

○        $1000 Fabricate 10 Mechanized Hands  @  $100

○        $500 Ship 10 Gripper Thumb hands, a variety of e-NABLE devices for evaluation.

○        $1500 15 sockets @ $100

○        $250 5 e-NABLE sockets @ $50

○        $1250 logistics, travel,  data collection infrastructure, tracking etc.

○        $5000 Total


Note: costs for outreach work includes identifying participants, taking measurements, doing the fitment, and rehab. For this pilot, AarogyaSeva will offset those costs @ $50 per recipient. 

You too can be a hero to these children by supporting this project, either by pledging, helping others to pledge, or both!  

We will follow up to send you pictures and stories of how you helped change childhoods!

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