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Our goal
To help all kids, regardless of race, gender or socioeconomic status reach their full potential.
The Challenge

Opportunity for youth in the United States is not equal.

There is a desperate need for youth development and mentorship. Many of our youth are raised in communities where violence is prevalent. Resources, mentorship, leadership and opportunity for children in these communities are scarce. Nearly 40% of today's kids in the United States live with families making 200% less the federal poverty level. These vulnerable youth are more likely to join gangs, commit violent crimes, drop out of school and make other negative life-altering mistakes.

One of the greatest challenges that these kids from distressed communities face is the transition into adulthood. A toxic environment increases the likelihood of engaging in risky behavior that prevents this healthy transition. Research shows that youth with sufficient support from their families, schools, and communities develop skills that better prepare them for the transition into adulthood.

Children in distressed communities are also more prone to unhealthy segregation. This creates artificial barriers that impede diverse social interactions during crucial periods when racial attitudes are being formed, while also hindering critical connections and development that lead to self-sustaining employment opportunities.

Our Solution

Providing better living conditions through our namesake youth program.

Changing the environment for those with a desire to be more and that choose to live for a cause greater has been proven to change the course of their lives, which is expanded further as those who graduate from Dreams Become Reality (DBR) youth program serve and lead within their communities.

We recruit kids through our DBR network and provide them the opportunity to live in Gilbert, Arizona where they are enrolled in San Tan Charter or Tri City Baptist school which are five-star schools, as well as free transportation, meals, and mentoring. The duration of the program is 4 years (with continued mentorship beyond program completion) and to date we've helped 9 kids graduate high school and attend college.

Community outreach will be expanded in partnership with schools and community outreach programs to broaden the DBR mission and to further establish unity and positive leadership within our communities. DBR applies learn, apply, and teach approach that instills empowering concepts that continue even after our youth have graduated the program.

Your Impact

Every dollar donated works to positively change the life of our most at risk youth.

Money donated is directly used to provide housing and living expenses for those relocated from unhealthy environments. The goal for DBR is to gain resources that will allow DBR to sustain our current programs in 2021 and to help onboard more vulnerable youth in 2022. Your contribution will help kids directly lead better lives.

$6,000 Minimum Funding Goal
  • 50%-Housing

  • 25%-Transportation

  • 12%-Travel & Recreation

  • 13%-Food

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Our milestones
  • Laura

  • Mary

  • Shijin

  • Monica

  • Hairani

  • Emilio

  • Santosh

  • Amber


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