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Our goal
Help babies with breathing problems such as asthma
The Challenge

Many hospitals and care facilities lack equipment required to help babies with breathing issues

Babies who are born pre-term and infants with issues such as asthma frequently need help to alleviate their suffering. But many hospitals are under equipped and do not have nebulizers machines required to treat these conditions.

Our Solution

Furnish hospitals with Nebulizer machines

There are 32 districts in Tamil Nadu state. The goal is to equip at least one SNCU (Sick Newborn Care Unit) in each district with a nebulizer machine.

Your Impact

Availability of Nebulizer will help treat babies who need breathing equipment

Ekam will use the donations to buy and equip sick newborn care facilities with nebulizer machines. This will directly help alleviate suffering of babies who are in distress.

$2,300 Minimum Funding Goal
  • 74%-Buy Nebulizer Machines

  • 13%-Installation/ transport

  • 13%-Maintenance

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Our milestones
  • Usha

  • Anitha

  • Shankar

  • Gopala

  • Ratna Kiran

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