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Our goal
Help sick or hurting children get the care they need to heal and improve the quality of their lives.
The Challenge

Families in poverty simply cannot afford to get treatment for their sick or hurting child.

Children living in poverty are especially vulnerable to disease and sickness. 19,000 children under the age of 5 die every day from preventable ailment. 58% of childhood deaths are caused by infectious diseases. 165 Million children face malnutrition resulting in stunted growth and development. Every child deserves the chance to live a long and healthy life, but sadly, so many children are robbed of that opportunity because of poverty.

This summer, I embarked on a medical mission trip to Uganda. I met a young girl named Isabella, who had walked for miles to seek medical care from our team. Isabella’s desire to learn from and engage with the “Mzungus,” (the America volunteers), was infectious, and soon she had drawn a large group of children around to play and laugh. In that moment, Isabella shared with me that she wants to become a doctor for hearts, “because so many people are dying from heart issues.”

I told Isabella that we call that type of doctor a cardiologist. Together we drew the anatomy of the heart, and I taught her about how blood flows through the organ and the rest of our body. It was a special, life-giving encounter. What struck me the most was that Isabella, the little girl who needed medical attention herself, wanted to help others. She wanted to save lives. It was then I decided I would never stop helping and supporting children like Isabella.

Our Solution

Your donation will improve the quality of life for a child living in poverty.

During Compassion's 60-plus years of development work, we've seen various approaches to breaking the cycle of poverty in children's lives. We've discovered that changed circumstances rarely change people's lives, while changed people inevitably change their circumstances. Therefore, our primary focus is individual child development—an inside-out, bottom-up approach that recognizes the God-given value and potential of each individual child.

Compassion’s medical assistance fund, together with our holistic child development program, allows children to escape the devastating effects of poverty. Even with health insurance in the United States, the costs of surgery can be crippling. For children in Compassion’s programs, surgery equals years of wages for already struggling families. For these children, Compassion provides funding for: travel to well-equipped hospitals, surgery, rehabilitative care, medication, etc.

By providing funds for surgery, you will give a family, praying for a miracle, hope. When you make a medical donation, you can be assured that your money will directly help children who need it most – children living in poverty and facing medical issues – children like Isabella. Give today and change a life forever.

Your Impact

Your gift will allow a child to live a full, abundant life in their culture.

Today, Compassion sponsors over 1.8 million children in 25 countries, across Africa, Central America, South America, and Asia. This means your donation could impact the life of a child almost anywhere in the world. Your gift could bless a child in need, like Isabella, with the proper medical care to help them live out a long and healthy life. Entire communities may feel the positive impact of Compassion presence because what happens in the life of a child ripples throughout their environment.

$10,000 Minimum Funding Goal
  • 50%-Surgery

  • 40%-Travel to hospitals

  • 5%-Medications

  • 5%-Rehabilitative care

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  • Emily

  • Erin

  • Amanda

  • Andrew

  • Ana-Maria

  • Tania

  • Cathy

  • Nathaly


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