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Our goal
Help improve the health of malnourished, HIV+ children so they can go to school, get educated, and lead healthy lives.
The Challenge

Our Project:

Tiny Tim & Friends works in Zambia to support HIV+ children lead healthy, positive lives. Our work is driven by the needs of children like Evison*, a 13 year old HIV+ boy who was brought to our clinic last year suffering with chronic malnutrition. His appearance was shocking, not just because he was so underweight, but because he had oral thrush, causing sores on his mouth, and a rash covering his entire body. In addition Evison also had TB - without our support he would not have survived.

By providing him with  emergency medical care at a local hospice and much needed nutritional support, after only 5months Evison had put on nearly 30lbs - his health had significantly improved and he has now gone back to school.

PICTURED ABOVE: Evison after 3 weeks (LEFT) and 5 months with Tiny Tim & Friends support (RIGHT).

Evison was an extreme case but there are many more children at our clinic who are malnourished and need our nutritional support programme to help them  stay healthy, go to school and get the education they need to work their way out of poverty.

The Problem & How To Help:

In Zambia chronic malnutrition affects 45% of the population – impacting the most vulnerable, such as those living with HIV. In the capital, Lusaka, it is estimated that 1 in 5 people are living with HIV.

Once a child is diagnosed as HIV+, taking medications regularly is essential to treatment. Poor families are often forced to choose income generation for food over bringing their children to the clinic for check-ups. TTF deals with malnourished children on a daily basis . Poor nutrition - coupled with missed clinic appointments - can result in adverse outcomes such as HIV-related infections, including TB, pneumonia, and sometimes death.

By providing malnourished HIV+ children with weekly food packages, through the TTF Clinic, we can quickly stabilise their health and decrease their vulnerability to infections - enabling them to access the same educational opportunities as other children. Additionally, through offering nutritional education to families, we are providing vital knowledge needed to provide a long term solution to malnutrition in children across Lusaka. 

PICTURED ABOVE: Children being fed through Tiny Tim & Friends programmes.

What Is The Cost & The Impact of Our Project?

With your donations we can raise $6,500 and provide nutritional support and education to 25 HIV+ children and their families for an entire three months. This is just $19 per week for a family to receive a weekly food package or $238 to support a family for the entire three months.

By enrolling children in need in our nutrition programme for an initial three months  we allow enough time for the child’s health to stabilise. Only when our medical team is confident that the child’s health is improved will they be released from the nutrition programme and even then will be continually monitored through monthly visits to our Clinic. By supporting the child's family with nutritional education and adherence counselling our nutrition programme has shown to have a positive impact on child adherence rates. Families have a greater understanding of the importance of good nutrition -  leading to improvements and long term benefits to both the child’s and family's health.

If successful, with your support , we will re-launch our campaign to work over the course of a year with 100 HIV+ children and their families. By working together we can: improve HIV+ children’s health and wellbeing; reduce malnutrition and HIV-related illnesses like TB; increase educational opportunities; and improve community awareness of good nutrition.

PICTURED ABOVE: Healthy children who are supported through the Tiny Tim & Friends Clinic. 

About Tiny Tim & Friends:

TTF has been in operation since 2004, when a homeless HIV+ woman was brought to our founder, Dr Meade for medical support. Dr Tim helped deliver the baby and as a sign of gratitude the mother named the baby Tim. Too sick to care for her new born son, she asked Dr. Tim to adopt baby Tim. It was this story and the lack of specialised healthcare facilities for HIV+ pregnant women and children that inspired Tim’s family and friends around the world to found Tiny Tim and Friends – to support HIV+ pregnant women, children and adolescents in Zambia.  We are the ONLY HIV pediatric clinic in Zambia. We currently support almost 1000 patients through our pediatric clinic.

TTF began running our nutrition programme in 2007 when our medical staff at the clinic noticed a significant number of children at the clinic suffering from malnutrition, which in turn was causing a variety of other health issues. From 2007 – 2013 TTF provided 1048 food packages to families at the TTF clinic, significantly decreasing opportunistic infections within these families.

Over the years we have worked with many organisations to help us reach out to vulnerable HIV+ children in Zambia, including:

  • AIDS Healthcare Foundation,
  • Elizabeth Glaiser Pediatric AIDS Foundation
  • Elton John AIDS Foundation

The Budget

ITEM Monthly cost ZMW No. of Months No. of Families Total ZMW TOTAL USD
FOOD PACKS 1,168 3 25 41,664 5,952
MONTHLY FOLLOW-UPS 20 6 25 3,000 429
TOTAL COST - - - 45,494 6,500**

Additional Resources:

*Evison has consented for us to use his story and picture so we can raise the vital funds needed to support more children like him.

**Based on an average exchange rate for 2015 of ZMK7 to $1USD,


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