Operation ASHA


Operation ASHA is strengthening health care service delivery within communities across India and Cambodia. We are boldly and rigorously fighting tuberculosis (TB) and other diseases that drive poverty through our unique model, which utilizes low-cost technology (including both in-house software and off-the-shelf biometric and tablet hardware), a community-centric model, and support from the local government to provide truly effective solutions across both urban and rural settings -- and unmatched outcomes for patients.

Last year, in India, we tested nearly 940,000 people for TB and treated 93,492 patients with normal/drug-sensitive TB, 400 patients with MDR-TB, 6 patients with XDR-TB and 1 patient with XXDR-TB.

Operation ASHA's highly effective, low-cost, last-mile delivery system is scalable and replicable worldwide. Over the past year, Operation ASHA served 15.6 million people, living in over 5,000 slums, villages and tribal areas across India and Cambodia, with its own staff. Our model has also been replicated in partnership with third parties in India and seven other countries: Afghanistan, Tanzania, Peru, Uganda, Kenya, Dominican Republic and Cambodia.

Operation ASHA's community health workers (CHWs) raise awareness, scour the communities for symptomatics, ensure diagnostic testing, link them to high quality medical practitioners, and finally, provide treatment and ensure adherence.

Operation ASHA works in collaborations with private sector hospitals as well as governments and public health departments, which provide medicines, diagnostics and physicians' services, mostly for free. Operation ASHA also advocates with all stakeholders to improve the lives of patients.

CHWs are heavily supported by technology applications, including the world-renowned eCompliance, which was initially built in partnership with Microsoft Research. Since then, Operation ASHA has taken the software in-house, and developed a technology that produces accurate and reliable data, that can be collated into an electronic medical record system and produce reports at the click of a button.