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Prevent Cervical Cancer in Women in Uganda



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  • Created our project

    Dec 12

  • Collected our first 3 pledges

    Dec 12

  • Funded 25% of goal

    Dec 12

  • Funded 50% of goal

    Dec 12

  • Funded 75% of goal

    Dec 13

  • Funded 100% of goal

    Dec 16

  • Funded 100%+ of goal

    Dec 16

  • Recruit medical volunteers and plan travel

    May 24

  • Gather supplies and equipment

    May 24

  • Work with local Uganda medical practitioners

    May 24

  • Thank you!

    Feb 6

    In addition to completing our project in Uganda, we had enough funding to carry out an initial training project in Phnom Penh Cambodia. We trained 39 physicians, medical students midwives and nurses in VIA (visual inspection with acetic acid). We were able to equip one center with a thermocoagulator and LEEP instrumentation.

    Paula Dhanda

    Project owner

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  • Assess the impact of our work

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  • GOAL

    Our goal is to test 500 women in Kabale, Uganda for HPV and refer the women who test positive for HPV for further screening

  • GOAL

    Measure the acceptability of women to consent to self-swabing for HPV

  • GOAL

    Determine the number of women who test positive for HPV

  • GOAL

    Determine the number of women who are positive for HPV and have precancerous cervical lesions

  • GOAL

    Determine how many HIV positive women have precancerous cervical lesions

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