Project Mercy



The state of mental illness identification and treatment is stark for most of Africa, including Ethiopia. The goal of this project is to, through partnering with the non-governmental organization Project Mercy, assess the state of mental illness and existing stigma in Yetebon, Ethiopia. Additionally to work with the leadership team to form and establish an community outreach group to foster emotional and medical support, hopefully with the help of a psychiatrist being brought in from Addis Abbaba. The manifestation of all of this work will be to not only have a more concise and definitive layout of the mental illness and treatment landscape in a rural part of Ethiopia, but also to use this information to possibly receive funding for a psychiatrist in these parts. 


"Project Mercy is a not-for-profit relief and development agency providing aid, comfort, and support to alleviate human suffering and overcome systemic poverty in Ethiopia and beyond."  Project Mercy's Mission Statement is lived out in the realities of the "work." Their method is a holistic approach targeting, incubating, executing and propagating programs designed to address the critical needs for a successful society.  Needs raised by the community are prioritized in order to develop sustainable solutions/programs for the location, county, region, and continent.  Former US Ambassador Tony Hall has been to over 100 developing nations and he says this about Project Mercy..."it is so has everything.  You don't see that in development projects."


Project Mercy brings hope in a tangible way to impoverished, mostly illiterate, rural African communities lacking infrastructure and concrete programs and initiatives that are both sustainable and replicable.  With nearly two decades of experience at listening and learning and "doing," Project Mercy has delivered a collage of programs and initiatives, foundationally grounded in love, that have changed the lives of thousands in the community of Yetebon, Ethiopia.  From real infrastructure like water, roads, power and buildings to childcare for the orphaned, abandoned and vulnerable to education (schools) to healthcare (a hospital) to "food security" initiatives in gardening and dairy breeding to skills training and literacy programs for adults; these programs exist- ever changing, ever growing for the better- for the people they are put in place to serve.  These programs are put in place to bring hope to a people and to help in renewing the heart of a nation.