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Promote walking for health and support Veterans during COVID



Our goal
Help maintain healthy lifestyle for 1500 people while benefiting 200 Veterans in need during COVID.
The Challenge

Many US Veterans are hit hard by the COVID-19 leading to chronic health problems and homelessness.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is very important and beneficial to Veterans throughout their lives as they have gone through so much. There are 18.2 million veterans in the US, according to the most recent statistics from the US Census. For Veterans, the obesity rate has climbed to 80%, which is higher than the 68% obesity rate in adults.

The obesity rates continue to increase and pose a considerable health problem. The US Department of Veteran Affairs states, “Obesity is a risk factor for heart disease, type 2 diabetes, strokes, and some types of cancers.” Obesity and related health problems can be combatted by practicing a healthy lifestyle such as doing more aerobic activities like walking, eating healthy, and reducing daily stress. Our support will help veterans improve their health.

Our Solution

Promote walking for health with the virtual Poker Walk benefitting Veterans.

For the past two years, Global Pragathi organized 'Poker Walk', an event to give back to the Veteran community. The US Veterans and members of the community participated in a 2k walk/run to learn about obesity and healthy lifestyles. The funds raised from this event were being used to help the needy Veterans, including the homeless. Unfortunately due to COVID-19, Global Pragathi is unable to host its 3rd annual Poker Walk in 2020 as originally planned.

This year to continue to spread awareness of a healthy lifestyle and support the Veterans, we would like to encourage Veterans and other members of the community to walk on their own during the entire month of October. With this new format, we will organize a virtual walk, where Veterans and individuals who want to support other Veterans will run or walk from their homes at their own pace while practicing social distancing.

During the month of October, people participating in this walk will log the miles online. Cumulatively, we plan to walk 5,000 miles. Using this link you can keep up to date with the logged miles: https://forms.gle/H5aFvZS4YxMqCuR16

Your Impact

Your donation can help support 200 Veterans have better health.

Global Pragathi has raised $5,000 annually for the last two years. This year, our goal is the same. Our plan is to have all participants committed to the cause to run a total of 5,000 miles during the month of October. You can help by sponsoring these volunteers and Veterans for each mile that they complete. The money will go directly toward supporting the 200 Veterans, including the homeless in Dayton, OH. At least 1,500 people will be educated about the health benefits of walking.

$5,000 Minimum Funding Goal
  • 90%-Support 200 Veterans

  • 5%-Recognize 5 top Veterans

  • 3%-Stripe Fees

  • 2%-Promotional Flyers

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