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Protect Patients and Doctors from Extreme Heat in Odisha,India



Our goal
Buying a New Generator to Power the Hospital
The Challenge

Combatting India's Extreme Heat in the Operating Theatre

Citta founded a hospital in the rural town of Juanga, Odisha in India in 2001. The hospital, still the only one in the region, services an area of 120,000 people. Among the many challenges the hospital faces is the resources to be able to cool down. During the monsoon season, the temperature can rise over 100ºF with humidity at 75% or higher. This poses a serious health risk to patients, doctors, and nurses.

Our Solution

Purchasing a Generator with the capacity to Run the AC Units

We will purchase a new generator to run the fans and air conditioning units in the operating theatre at the hospital. The current generator does not have the capacity to run the ACs and fans for the entire length of most intensive surgeries. This puts patients at risk of infections and everyone at risk of heat strokes. Additionally, we will create an emergency fund for diesel to run the generator.

Your Impact

Safe and Sterile Surgeries

Your donation will not only ensure a cool and sterile working environment for the surgeons, it will also contribute to a culture of greater health standards in the region. The new generator and equipment will ease the dire situation right now. In the future, we hope to install more sustainable cooling systems, acknowledging that climate change is only exacerbating the conditions. 

$10,000 Minimum Funding Goal
  • 60%-New 30KV Generator

  • 28%-Emergency Diesel Fund

  • 5%-Installation and Wiring fees

  • 5%-15 New Ceiling Fans

  • 2%-Air Conditioning Repair

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