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Provide Abandoned Children in Uganda with Cloth Diapers



Our goal
Provide orphaned children at Agape Children's Home with cloth diapers
The Challenge

Abandoned and orphaned children lack basic needs

Agape House Babies' Home exists to care for abandoned and orphaned children in Kampala, Uganda. More than 40 children ages birth to five calle Agape House home. Our partnership with Agape House is to be a basic needs provider. By having us focus on the often overlooked basic need of diapers, they are able to focus their time and energy in day to day care for these precious children; as well as free up precious financial resources to increase quality of formula and high protein foods.

Our Solution

Provision of diapers and hygiene kits will improve basic sanitation, life quality, & dignity

For young infants and children, diapers are a basic necessity for cleanliness, sanitation, and hygiene. Inadequate or no diapers, especially in times of stress, can lead to significant negative health consequences. All babies deserve to be clean, dry, and healthy.

Your Impact

By donating as little as $10, you will help children have a better quality of life

As Agape Home continues to have its diaper needs solved, they are able to save funds and plan for future improvements in their care. This can mean adding educational programs, offering better healthcare, medical procedures to increase adoption opportunity for the orphan, special needs children, improved quality of food (more protein!) - all steps that set these babies up for long term survival and productive members of society.

$2,795 Minimum Funding Goal
  • 92%-Cloth Diapers & Cloth Wipes

  • 5%-Transportation of Diapers

  • 3%-Stripe Fees

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