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Provide a Cardiotocography machine for a village hospital



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Our goal
We want to give hospitals the tools to efficiently monitor pregnancies and deliver healthy babies.
The Challenge

Impoverished hospitals in India don't have proper medical instruments.

According to the World Bank, the infant mortality rate in India is 32 per 1000 live births. Although there are multiple factors at play, the most notorious is India's poorly funded medial sector. Thus, poorly funded public hospitals such as this one require more resources. Through the purchase of a Cardiotocography machine, this hospital will be able to monitor babies' heartbeats and lower their infant mortality rate.

Our Solution

The Cardiotocography machine will help ensure that babies are healthy.

We will use the money from this campaign to purchase a Cardiotocography machine for the hospital. In case of slowed baby movements, restricted blood flow, etc., the Cardiotocography machine will be able to identify these issues and allow the doctors to take a course of action early to save their lives.

Your Impact

Through a donation of just $10, you can help save the lives of hundreds of babies.

Babies who have issues in the womb will be identified through the Cardiotocography machine and saved. Waiting till the birth can lead to further complications and possibly death. India's infant mortality rate is far too high and through your donation, it can be lowered.

$1,500 Minimum Funding Goal
  • 87%-Used to purchase CTG machine

  • 13%-Train doctors

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