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Our goal
Provide clean water and prevent disease
The Challenge

Clean drinking water shortage is a problem in rural areas

Villages don't have a healthy water supply. 705 People in the village of Kitanayanapalli are predominantly daily wage workers in the fields. They cannot afford to pay for water filters etc.The lack of a well and a water tank limits the number of people that are not able to get clean drinking water. This is key to prevention of communicable diseases.

Our Solution

Saving more lives with the available resources

Providing an additional water tank and a bore well with hand pump will provide water to 100% of the residents. Ekam is raising funds for this purpose.

Your Impact

Reduction of child/ mother mortality, empowering communities

Infant mortality rate (IMR) has decreased from 21 to 16 per 1,000 liver births where Ekam operates in India, in the state of Tamil Nadu. We hope to spread this throughout the country and simulate the successful model elsewhere. IMR is 42 in India, compared to Tamil Nadu's current rate of 16.Currently Ekam's success has been replicated in a total of 8 states in India, touching a million lives, covering 1200 villages, through 3000 doctors. Ekam has supported medical treatment for 12,000 children.

$2,082 Minimum Funding Goal
  • 71%-Borewell cost

  • 17%-Labor costs

  • 7%-Water tank cost

  • 5%-Stripe/ wire transfer fee

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