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Provide Clean Water for 135 people in La Cuchilla, Honduras



Our goal
Provide clean water to the 135 people living in La Cuchilla allowing them to achieve their potential
The Challenge

Clean water unlocks doors to health, opportunity, and hope. Let’s give La Cuchilla the keys.

Consider a typical morning. You shower, brush your teeth, perhaps make coffee. Each of these activities requires clean water. One in nine people lacks access to safe water. The United Nations tallied nearly 850,000 annual deaths from poor water, sanitation, and hygiene.

The village of La Cuchilla has a population of 135 people. In La Cuchilla, clean water is an hour away by foot on dilapidated roads.

Our Solution

Constructing a well and water tower will help improve the quality of water in La Cuchilla.

Humanity & Hope United Foundation (H&H) seeks to tackle this water crisis, to improve quality of life and empower each person in La Cuchilla to develop into the fullest version of themselves.
To that end, H&H will meet with community members to discuss the clean water project. We will employ villagers from La Cuchilla to fence the well and pipe water to individual houses and we will hire contractors to construct the well.

We will then hold two community seminars to teach best practices for use of clean water. With the benefits of clean water, adequate sanitation, and good hygiene in place, educated individuals grow up to be enterprising adults, who become the owners of businesses, as well as community and even national leaders.

Your Impact

Donating will enable individuals to maximize their potential in life through access to clean water

90 days after receiving funding, the village will have clean water. From the early years of life, throughout childhood and into adulthood, water is the common beneficial factor determining the quality of life and the possibilities of the future. With the benefits of clean water, healthy and educated individuals will grow up to become enterprising adults, businesses owners, teachers, healthcare practitioners, community leaders, and even national leaders. Your donation will help make this happen.

$30,143 Minimum Funding Goal
  • 20%-Water Tower Materials & Labor

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