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Provide Clean Water and Safe Food to 12,673 children



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This Mother's Day Give Clean Water and Safe Food to 12,673 children living in extreme poverty across Colombia
The Challenge


Every Mother despite her socio economic status strives to give her child a healthy start in life. Primero Lo Primero gives Mothers across Colombia living in vulnerable conditions peace of mind that their child is receiving the best of care. Primero Lo Primero is the strongest alliance for early childhood development in Latin America, our partners operate comprehensive early childhood programs for children between 0 and 5 years of age living in extreme poverty. With the implementation of our project 12,673 children across 25 regions in Colombia will have access to clean water, and safe food. Primero Lo Primero alliance partners on the ground in Colombia; Fundación Carulla - aeiotu & Genesis Foundation - First Learning Steps, are tasked with implementing the funds received and tracking progress. 

Our Mothers will have a lot to celebrate this Mothers Day, join us in achieving our goal!

Clean Water Access:

In Choco, 82% of the population live without basic needs, like access to clean water. Diarrhea is the principal cause of mortality for children under the age of 5. Although our early childhood centers in Choco are in the jungle and water is abundant, they do not have access to clean water, and most of the rivers are contamined by illegal mining in which mercury spills into the water sources.

Water filters will be purchased that exceed the requirements established by the World Health Organization. They would provide clean water for 100 people every day and have two storage tanks. They work with turbid water and do not require batteries or electricity to work. This is the best way to provide these communities with clean water and improve their health conditions, directly impacting 1,400 children in the Choco region.

Safe Food:

Primero lo Primero’s centers across 24 regions, impacting 11,273 children are struggling to provide safer hygiene and food handling within the centers kitchens. With the proper food storage elements and plastic shelving that separate the elements from the floor would solve this issue. We will be purchasing 96 plastic shelving units for 24 early childhood centers kitchens to enhance the level of food safety. These units will last approximately 3 years.

The technical justification for this need arises from the sanitary requirement detailed in the National Decree #3075 of 1997, Chapter VII Storage, distribution, transportation and commercialization, Article 31 - Storage, states that the storage of finished products shall be carried out neatly in piles or storage containers with a minimum separation of 60 centimeters with respect to the perimetral walls and shall be arranged on pallets or raised floors at least 15 centimeters so that inspection, cleaning, and fumigation can occur if the case arises. This law ensures the quality of the food supplied, and prevents food from reaching children in bad conditions, avoiding deterioration. 

Genesis Foundation - First Learning Steps - El Choco, Colombia

Fundación Carulla - aeiotu: Early Childhood Development Centers throughout Colombia

"Early childhood development is perhaps the strongest investment we could make on a raw return-on-investment basis." - James Heckman, Nobel Laureate in Economics

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