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Our goal
We want Carrier Clinic’s patients, who are in need, to have access to essential clothing items.
The Challenge

Many patients come to us without basic personal belongings.

As many as 50% of Carrier Clinic’s patients (approximately 3,000 per year) come to us without the basic necessities that so many take for granted.

Our Solution

The creation of Carrier’s Closet will help improve the growing need.

In order to meet this tremendous, growing need we are creating a new initiative called “Carrier’s Closet.” Carrier’s Closet will be comprised of care packages with essential clothing items for our patients.

The care packages will be put together by the teen residents of our East Mountain Youth Lodge who will also decorate them with messages of hope. This is a wonderful learning experience for the teens as it will teach them project management skills and what it feels like to make a meaningful contribution to someone else’s well-being as well as providing the basic clothing essentials for those who come to us seeking treatment.

The patients of Carrier Clinic are suffering. Each one is experiencing the darkest moment of their lives. Carrier’s Closet care packages will help each person to heal with dignity.

Your Impact

By donating just $25 to Carrier’s Closet, you can help clothe one patient in need.

Your donation will help meet the tremendous, growing need of providing essential clothing items to our patients. Carrier Clinic admits 6,300 per year and 50% of those patients are without essential clothing items. It costs approximately $25 per patient to give them essential items. It is hard to focus on getting well when your most basic needs are not met. Think about the last time that your feet were cold! Could you think about anything else?

Pledge spending
  • 93% -

    Clothing for 373 patients

  • 7% -

    Bags and supplies

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Our milestones
  • Melinda

  • Suzanne

  • Ronald

  • Margaret

  • Amy

  • Donna

  • Meg

  • Arthur


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