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Provide equipment for Burundian health facilities



Our goal
To provide essential, life-saving medical equipment for our partner health facilities in Burundi.
The Challenge

Health facilities in Burundi lack essential medical equipment

Despite their incredible devotion to their patients, health workers in LN partner health facilities in Burundi lack the proper equipment to provide patients with high-quality care. Children are receiving the wrong dose of medication because facilities don't own scales to weigh them, women are giving birth without delivery beds or clamps for the umbilical cord, and babies are dying without ambu bags to resuscitate them.

Known interventions could prevent 80% of newborn deaths and 74% of maternal deaths. However, it’s impossible for health workers at our partner health facilities to practice many of these interventions without the proper medical equipment.

Our Solution

Providing life-saving medical equipment for LN partner facilities in Burundi

For the past six years, LN has operated in Burundi, equipping health workers with the knowledge they need to provide high-quality care. We want to increase our impact by providing these facilities with access to the equipment they need to save patients’ lives. LN is hoping to send medical equipment, including delivery beds, newborn resuscitation beds, and delivery kits - items that are crucial for providing high-quality care - to the thousands of patients these health facilities serve.

Your Impact

Every $1,500 donated allows us to supply a partner facility with vital medical equipment

We are delivering medical equipment to partner health facilities in Burundi that provide care for a high-volume of underserved and vulnerable patients. In 2017 alone, 4,856 babies were delivered and 285,237 patient visits were provided with care in those facilities. By procuring medical equipment for these partner facilities, we are ensuring that they can provide high-quality, life-saving care to all of their patients.

$16,500 Minimum Funding Goal
  • 9%-Equips Rutare Health Clinic

  • 9%-Equips Ruhora Health Clinic

  • 9%-Equips Notre Dame d'Afrique

  • 9%-Equips Maria Mwiza

  • 9%-Equips Kayogoro Health Clinic

  • 9%-Equips Bwasare Health Clinic

  • 9%-Equips Adventiste Nyanza Iac

  • 9%-Equips Muyebe Health Clinic

  • 9%-Equips Gishiha Health Clinic

  • 9%-Equips Kagari Health Clinic

  • 10%-Equips Burenza Health Clinic

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