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Our goal
To provide equipment support to public hospitals in India to prevent deaths due to COVID-19
The Challenge

Public hospitals in India experience varying shortages of medical equipment for COVID-19 pandemic

Public hospitals in India do not have adequate medical equipment, especially in pandemic situations like COVID-19. Based on the requests received from public hospitals of Chennai District of Tamil Nadu, we identified the need for the equipment like AMBU bags, ventilator circuits, ET tubes, pulse oximeters, etc. for isolation wards and ICUs of hospitals treating for COVID-19 patients. Doctors are buying their own masks and reusing them.

Government hospitals ICUs support the maximum number of patients affected by COVID-19 in any district. Understandably, most of these patients are admitted due to very severe illness. On an average, an ICU in 1 Chennai Hospital treats 400- 500 patients per month. However, these hospitals do not have basic lifesaving equipment which can support these patients during a pandemic situation like COVID-19.

Our Solution

Providing medical equipment to Isolation ward and ICUs in Hospitals

Ekam provides medical equipment, life-saving medications, training for nurses, etc. as well as pays for treatment costs/ ICU care of children who cannot afford to pay for expensive treatments. Our goal is that NO CHILD SHOULD BE REFUSED TREATMENT DUE TO FINANCIAL CONCERNS.

Your Impact

You can help save lives in India by donating today

Your donation will help save lives of many patients admitted in Isolation wards and ICUs due to COVID-19 pandemic in Government Hospitals in Tamil Nadu State in India by procurement of essential medical equipment to the Hospitals. Ekam has built the structure and staff since 2009 to be able to assist patients in the current situation and any situation. Your support will save many lives with timely life-saving interventions.

$2,000 Minimum Funding Goal
  • 90%-Procurement of equipment

  • 10%-Transportation / Installation

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