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Our goal
Build healthy community by providing easy access to medical care
The Challenge

Many villages lack equipment at health centers

Villages in rural India have limited access to meet healthcare needs of sick and critically ill patients due to long distances to travel to hospitals. The local health centers lack life-saving equipment and frequently the equipment is not in working condition. Lives are being lost due to the lack of basic medical facilities.

Our Solution

Saving more lives by providing access to resources

Ekam works to improve medical care by providing access to treatment quickly to those in need. A survey of needs revealed village primary health centers have need for Centrifuge for blood tests, suction apparatus, EKG machines. There is also a need repair and service machines that are available to make them available for use.

Ekam provides critical equipment, supplies, and will arrange for maintenance and repairs of machines. Ekam also provides training for nurses and operators on how to use the equipment ensuring availability of trained personnel.

Your Impact

Reduce infant mortality and improve patient care

Your donation will help make life saving equipment available for use in diagnosis and treatment of sick patients.

$1,800 Minimum Funding Goal
  • 50%-Buy Equipment

  • 28%-Maintain Equipment

  • 22%-Training Costs

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Our milestones
  • Lori

  • Anuradha

  • Gopala

  • Suman

  • Srikala

  • Perry

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