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Provide Mental Health Services for 400+ Mothers in Ethiopia



Our goal
We want to reduce stigma and provide support for women suffering from postpartum mood disorder
The Challenge

There is little to no access to psychiatric services in rural Ethiopia

Mental health is an underrecognized and underserved healthcare issue in Africa as a whole, but especially in rural areas such as Yetebon, Ethiopia. For the past 9 months I have been assessing whether or not there is a prevalence of mental illness in the maternal population that comes through the Glenn C. Olsen Memorial Hospital, and what the attitude of healthcare workers and patients is towards discussing mental illness.

Our Solution

Providing funding for various mental healthcare services to educate and support staff and patients

Over 100 women were seen with a greater than 17% prevalence of possible depression, and a few that admitted suicide attempts. There is no support for these women apart from a psychiatric clinic in Butajira, a 30-minute drive. We can use this local resource to provide training for the staff who don't know anything about mental illness and how to treat it, as well as provide transportation and fund medication for the women who are severely in need and impoverished.

Your Impact

One small donation could help provide these women with the emotional support they need and deserve

Any amount of money donated will be instrumental in changing how this rural community sees mental illness. Your support will give us the options to provide free transportation to Butajira General Hospital and its team of psychiatric nurses, fund in-service training for all hospital staff on evidence based talk-therapy and recognizing mental distress, fund medication for those in need, and allow us to bring in psychiatric services to our hospital as needed.

$7,000 Minimum Funding Goal
  • 43%-Training for hospital staff

  • 29%-Transportation for mothers

  • 28%-Medications needed in

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