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Provide More Beds to Jacquot Psychiatric Center



Our goal
We want to enable Jacquot so it can provide better care to an additional 200 mentally ill patients
The Challenge

Many facilities in Africa lack the human and material resources to best carry out their mission

Africa is a large continent, prone to strife, especially south of the Sahara. Most of its countries are characterized by low incomes, high prevalence of communicable diseases and malnutrition, low life expectancy and poorly staffed services. Mental health issues often come last on the list of priorities for policy makers. Indeed, most African countries have no mental health policies, programs or action plans.

In traditional African society, strong beliefs in the existence and activities of witches, ancestral spirits, sorcerers, diviners, and so on still hold sway, and it is strongly believed that an individual’s wellbeing can be influenced through the subtle manipulation of those agents that constitute his or her psychosocial environment. This cause family to abandon their members suffering from mental illness. These members end up homeless and having to beg for food.

Located in Cotonou Benin, Jacquot is the only Mental Health Facility in Benin. It provides psychiatric treatment(neuroleptic, anxiolytic, antidepressants, mood stabilizers) and psychotherapies. It also provides psychologists for clinical assessment and psychotherapies. Unfortunately its facility is old. Rain infiltrates buildings and water runs on patients. Jacquot has 120 beds for over 500 patients in their care which cause a hurdle on patient care. Most patients end up sleeping on the floor.

Our Solution

Provide more beds to the Mental Health of Jacquot

Improving mental health is a means of unlocking development potential – a neglected link in the development chain in Africa. Investing in mental health means promoting resilience on the African continent. Mental health is both a means to social and economic development, and a worthy goal in itself. We aim to provide mental Institutions of Jacquot with funding so they acquire more beds for their patients so they do not have to sleep on the floor or live on city street.

Your Impact

A small donation could provide a mentally ill patient with the safe environment to receive care.

Any amount of money donated will be instrumental in helping the facility acquire more beds to accommodate more patients and to provide families with no mean get the help they need for their mentally ill members. Your support will give us the options to provide a safe environment to patient to receive the care they need. This will prevent them from sleeping on floors, or city streets.

$23,080 Minimum Funding Goal
  • 43%-200 Hospital beds

  • 32%-200 Mattress

  • 22%-Bed Sheets

  • 3%-Stripe Fee

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