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Our goal
Provide diapers to children impacted by the California Wildfires & Mudslides
The Challenge

Wildfires and mudslides have devastated southern California

Montecito, California has been devastated by mudslides, claiming lives and destroying homes. This is a complication resulting from the massive wildfires that raged just a few short weeks ago in Montecito and other areas around Los Angeles. When we think about disaster recovery, we tend to think about hunger, homes, and water. Diapers are an often overlooked, yet so crucial basic need. This fund will provide diapers and basic hygiene items at no cost to those devastated by wildfire and mudslide.

Our Solution

Provision of diapers will improve basic sanitation, life quality, & dignity

Children are the most vulnerable population when disaster strikes. For young infants and children, who depend upon a supply of diapers for basic sanitation and hygiene, a disaster can be extremely devastating. Inadequate or no diapers, especially in times of stress, can lead to significant negative health consequences.

Your Impact

By donating as little as $10, you will help children with long term relief and recovery.

As these children and families have their diapering and hygiene needs solved, they are able to focus on other basic needs as part of recovery and rebuilding. All these steps combined help set these children and their families up for long term success.

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