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Provide nutritional information to new mothers



Our goal
Provide nutritiously rich food for the malnourished and anemic children while providing instruction.
The Challenge

Malnutrition continues to be the main problem of the children and mothers in the villages.

The new midwife has expressed an interest in a training program regarding nutrition for the new mothers since her arrival last year at the clinic. Capacity training of the staff is essential for the healthy development of the children especially in their ability to fight off diseases like malaria, diarrhea, respiratory infections and anemia. There needs to be an awareness level raised and an effort to fight malnutrition and anemia while scaling up nutrition.

Our Solution

In-house training of the mid-wife and her assistant with tools for them to teach new mothers

30% of children are malnourished in the Ivory Coast and the numbers are growing because of a population explosion in the area. Anemia, malaria, diarrhea and respiratory infections are the most common challenges at the clinic for children in the vulnerable ages of one through five. Strengthening communities’ capacity to deliver and manage basic services such as health care, education and safe water can make a major difference.

Your Impact

Children born to educated women suffer less from malnutrition

We would like to raise awareness in the choices that mothers make in preparing meals for themselves and for their families. The trainer will target young children and their mothers with proven Essential Nutrition Actions that provide the right nutrition support at the time it is most needed. Harmful feeding practices sometimes based on local beliefs exist alongside poor hygiene and sanitation conditions. Our aim is to educate women about the best nutrition practices.

$1,500 Minimum Funding Goal
  • 43%-Training materials, food

  • 33%- for trainer's salary

  • 7%-Staffing

  • 7%-Promotion

  • 7%-For housing and meals

  • 3%-Transportation

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