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Provide nutritious produce to food-insecure families.



Our goal
Help us make sure no good food goes to waste while so many in the US are going hungry.
The Challenge

Food-insecure families have three times the national average of preventable diet-related illnesses.

In a country as prosperous as the United States, it can be hard to accept that there is rampant hunger and food-insecurity. No zip code is spared. Families who rely on food pantries and other emergency feeding sites struggle with 2.9 times the national average of preventable diet-related illnesses. Diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity and depression are results of a poor diet due to lack of access to healthy fresh fruit, vegetables and organic proteins.

These families are forced to make difficult decisions every day, choosing between food and rent, medical, transportation and other pressing needs. 34% of our recipients are children and 14% are seniors.

Our Solution

Connecting local farmers with neighbors in need

With a growing corps of dedicated farmers and volunteers, Rolling Harvest has rescued and distributed nearly two million pounds of nutrient-dense fresh food that would otherwise have gone to waste. We know we are just scratching the surface of all that is available in our region.

Your Impact

By donating you can help nourish families in need

Your generous donation will help offset the poor nutritional outcomes most financially-struggling families deal with. We have created the infrastructure and logistics for local farmers to share and help everyone access their surplus.

$5,000 Minimum Funding Goal
  • 40%-Gleaning/Harvesting

  • 40%-Nutrition Education Outreach

  • 20%-Program Management

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