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Provide operations training to global health NGOs



Our goal
We want to provide training & workshops to non-profit organizations that serve global health needs.
The Challenge

NGOs need help managing international supply chains

From Uganda to Ukraine, organizations are working to solve critical health issues in remote and underserved areas. They need help quickly and efficiently reaching their recipients.

Our Solution

Training bootcamps for organizations

The Vesey Foundation hosts a series of 1-day bootcamps that are tailored to organizations solving complex global health issues. These workshops will help organizations more efficiently provides supplies and resources to underserved populations. Topics include: supply chain, logistics, management, and finance.

Your Impact

Exponential results for every dollar you donate

We look for ways to exponentially increase the social impact of every dollar donated. By training organizations, we can improve impact by at least 5x, and up to 50x. All donors will receive a list of participating NGOs and an overall impact report.

$10,000 Minimum Funding Goal
  • 80%-Training materials & resources

  • 20%-Workspace & related expenses

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Our milestones
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