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Provide opportunity to the visually impaired



Our goal
Enabling socio-economic independence of the visually impaired through education and computer trainin
The Challenge

Lack of infrastructure to support the education of visually impaired children

Mysore city is a bustling metropolis in Southern India with many migrants from nearby villages commuting to the city to find a livelihood. The ever expanding city offers many clerical jobs which require basic computer training. Though many organization offer computer courses for the general public, they are not equipped to train students who are visually impaired. Since it is harder for the visually impaired to find day labor, they face economic instability in this modern world.

Our Solution

Providing free computer training to these children

Mr.Shivaprakash, seeing the opportunity for the employment of the visually impaired in the many clerical jobs that are flowing into the city, established Divya Jyoti Charitable Trust. The sole mission of the organization is to provide free and full education and vocational training for the visually impaired in the greater Mysore area. The trust has been running computer classes for the visually impaired for the last three years.

It also provides the students with hostel and transportation services, procures braille books and conducts soft-skill training classes. The students are trained to use common productivity applications like word, spreadsheet and presentation processing programs.

Through this training, the organization aims to get the students placed in clerical jobs at supermarkets, schools, banks, etc. This training also equips them with the necessary tools to continue their education and get college degrees.

Your Impact

By donating $25 you can support the living expenses of child for a month

The funds raised through the Caring Crowd program will help Divya Jyoti continue their excellent work in paving a way forward for the visually impaired. The funds will help in the operation of the training school and providing the salaries of the teachers and staff at Divya Jyoti.

$1,536 Minimum Funding Goal
  • 66%-Food and hostel for students

  • 34%-Salary for teachers

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