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Our goal
To provide essential oxygen and suction equipment that will enable timely treatment.
The Challenge

Emergency unit in Cheluvamba Hospital in Mysur, India does not have oxygen and suction points

Emergency suction is a fundamental item of equipment which should be readily available for use to all healthcare professionals in the hospital setting. Use of emergency suction can be vital in an emergency, for example when dealing with vomit or secretions. Cheluvamba Childrens's Hospital does not have this basic equipment restricting care givers in providing the care the patients need in emergency room.

Our Solution

Providing oxygen and suction points can save many lives.

Emergency room will be equipped/upgraded with oxygen and suction points on each bed. In addition to the lifesaving donation of medical equipment, specialized training will be organized and provided to health care workers who will be using the equipment.

Your Impact

By donating to help fund our goal, you can save hundreds of lives

Your donation will help buy vital life saving equipment for healthcare facilities and in providing training to nurses and operators of the machines. The availability of right equipment and trained nurses will help reduce child mortality rates. Ekam's mission statement is that "No child should be denied healthcare due to finances".

$2,500 Minimum Funding Goal
  • 64%-Buy 18 oxygen+suction points

  • 12%-Taxes and Maintenance

  • 12%-Installation

  • 12%-Training Staff

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Our milestones
  • Ratna Kiran

  • Usha

  • Sanjay

  • Vivian

  • Elizabeth

  • Gopala

  • Burke

  • Shankar


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