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Our goal
Our goal is to use the NUST recommendations to clean up Igusi's water supply for the long-term.
The Challenge

The water in Igusi Clinic has been ruled undrinkable and unsafe

Saddled with astronomically high rates of infant mortality, steel births, and blue baby syndrome, this Zimbabwean community with 20,000 citizens is taxed with major problems due to the toxicity of its water. A National University of Science and Technology (NUST) study found that both the soil and water are over the recommended maximum limit for most tested parameters.

Although, illness has increased significantly due to the water crisis, this community is facing another equally as large catastrophe: the potential closing of the only medical facility in 58 miles. The Igusi Clinic is the only clinic that this Zimbabwean community has access to for its healthcare and medical needs, including maternal and newborn care.

The high levels of nitrates make the communities water unsafe for consumption, especially for children under the age of 1. It has been directly linked to the catastrophic increase in illness. It is the single largest reason why, without resolution, the Igusi Clinic is facing shut down. Without swift resolution, this community will be left without access to clean water and left with no accessible healthcare solution.

Our Solution

We must update the water system and retest for pathogens

Although the toxic water issue has posed a significant threat to this Zimbabwean community, the resolution is simple:
• update the water system by installing filters at the main water source
• implement the long-term cleaning solution recommended by NUST, and
• perform consistent testing of the water system.

Our long-term solution involves filters to be installed at the main water source before dispatching to the clinic. A retest for pathogens is recommended. We will use the approach recommended by NUST to clean up the water quality long-term. This approach will allow us to begin work on the kitchen for mothers-in-waiting as well as the rebuilding of toilets.

Your Impact

By donating $10 to our cause, you can save a child and a mother’s life

140 children, their teachers and families, as well as the clinic’s staff and patients will benefit from clean water. The clinic and school are core facilities at the heart of the community of 20k people, so there will be indirect benefits as well the direct illness prevention, including improved school attendance and less time wasted purifying water. These factors, in turn, impact the long-term health, education and economics of the community.

$8,000 Minimum Funding Goal
  • 84%-Water Filtration System

  • 16%-Connect pipes to the hospital

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